Waxahatchee is Katie’s solo project




Split Tape (2011)

1. Sister Saint
2. Whiskey & Math
3. Home Game
4. Black Candy
5. Clumsy

stream here

American Weekend (2012)

1. Catfish
2. Grass Stain
3. Rose, 1956
4. American Weekend
5. Michel
6. Be Good
7. Luminary Blake
8. Magic City Wholesale
9. Bathtube
10. I Think I Love You
11. Noccalula

Buy CD/LP/Digital formats here

Cerulean Salt (2013)

1. Hollow Bedroom
2. Dixie Cups and Jars
3. Lips and Limbs
4. Blue Pt. II
5. Brother Bryan
6. Coast to Coast
7. Tangled Envisioning
8. Misery over Dispute
9. Lively
10. Waiting
11. Swan Dive
12. Peace and Quiet
13. You’re Damaged

Buy CD/LP/Digital formats here (USA) or here (UK)

Tapes available from Stupid Bag Records

Live at God’s Butt

Waxahatchee covering Guided By Voices live at God’s Butt

A tape can be bought here (limited to 100 copies)


2 Responses to Waxahatchee

  1. seanpatrick says:

    DL link for the split no longer works.

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