London gig last night

Wow, my first ever Waxahatchee gig & it was awesome!

I met some cool people – it was really great to meet other people into the band.  The venue was sold out & everyone seemed to really enjoy it – looked like the band did too!

I met someone who is going to blog a review of the gig & I’m hoping he’s going to come on here and post a link to it – I’m not great at words so will leave that to the experts!

I recorded the gig on my phone and it came out OK – you can hear it here.  UPDATE: some great videos from the show are on YouTube.

Waxahatchee are coming back to the UK in the autumn & bringing Swearin’ with them.  Hopefully there will be quite a few shows as I’ll try to get to a few of them.

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2 Responses to London gig last night

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Its michael we met in Shacklewell arms on Thursday, I was trying to find a contact email address for you on her but i failed 😦 Ive done the review of Katies show and ill put the link below. Michael x

  2. Andrew says:

    Hey Michael, thanks for getting in touch – I love your review and also your blog! Have just followed you on twitter to keep up to date with it. My email address is – I need to find a way to make it more prominent on here, I’m not great at this internet lark! I’ll be at some Waxahatchee gigs later this year, let me know if you’ll be going to any – hope to see you again!

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